Creating Best Living Spaces for Filipino Families

Where it all started

Making high-quality metal furniture affordable for many. This was and still is the thrust of a company that started over 40 years ago. B.R. Chua Enterprises can be considered the country’s pioneer in metal furniture.

Starting small back in May 1978, the company responded to the market’s need for the metal furniture in general, was yet to be trend. In the late 80’s, only the A-B markets could avail of chrome finish furbishing. Several have tried to produce them for the masses, but in the process sacrificed quality in favor of lowering the price. B.R. Chua Enterprises came up with idea of using powder coating metal to imitate the look. The method resulted to more durable and more aesthetically superior products. This move paved the way for the company to broaden the market of metal furnishing to the whole Philippines.


Through years of experience and hard work as a simple employee for a hardware and metal factory, the man behind all this embarked on starting his own company. With the innovation of wrought-iron, he saw the endless possibilities of metal furniture for mass production. With only a few employees, he made furniture and had them sold in furniture stores in T.Pinpin and Paco. Today the company has grown in size and more importantly, in reputation. B.R. Chua Enterprises addressed a niche in the market for made-to-order furniture. With the know-how in modifying designs so that they are affordable to the masses, in 1990 they began the move for mass production. They are innovators of original furniture designs like the mobile loveseat. It was not as easy as it sounds. In any business, the company also took risks and chances. They produce chairs and distributed them to stores for display hoping their products would catch the eye of the customers. High in quality and low in price, it was only natural that their products would click in the market.


With the constantly changing economic indicators, they say that identifying what is good in the market and what their market can afford is the only gauge the company uses to know what their next product would be. Design and quality are keys in this business. Not a member of any furniture association, the company concentrates it’s efforts on coming up with new designs that are unique to the competition.

Many have tried to copy their designs throughout the years, but Filipino families still look for the B.R. Chua trademark. Few can stake a claim to having successfully introduced metal furnishing to the majority in the Philippines.